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Community Fund of Park City Community Foundation
  Donate Community Fund
The Community Fund supports dozens of organizations that are addressing pressing local needs and helps fortify them so Park City thrives. Your contribution to this annual fund provides unrestricted gifts where they are most critically needed, convenes solutions for impact, and accelerates the pace of local social change.
Programs of Park City Community Foundation
  Donate Affordable Housing Fund
The Affordable Housing Fund expands access to local housing for those who are challenged to find a place to call home.
  Donate Early Childhood Fund
The Early Childhood Fund ensures that all children in Summit County have the opportunities they need in the years up to age-three to thrive, learn, and grow.
  Donate Girls' Giving Fund
Girls' Giving Fund offers girls the opportunity to serve the community and experience the joy of giving back. Members each donate $100 to make a grant each year to a nonprofit serving children in Park City.
  Donate Mental Wellness Fund - Current Use
The Mental Wellness Fund enhances quality of life for all Summit County residents by improving community awareness of mental wellness and substance abuse, and increasing access to treatment and prevention efforts.
  Donate Park City Climate Fund
The Park City Climate Fund engages organizations and individuals in implementing local, high-impact climate solutions that bring about economic, health, and quality of life benefits, while inspiring broader change.
  Donate RISE Fund
RISE Fund is working to increase equitable access for students to participate in sports, clubs, or extracurricular activities at Park City High School, by removing financial barriers and increasing communication and outreach.
  Donate Solomon Fund
Solomon Fund envisions a Park City where all children have the opportunity to be active and engaged through sports and recreation. The program is creating a more welcoming and inclusive community for Latinx children and their families.
  Donate Women's Giving Fund Endowment
Women's Giving Fund now includes more than 1,700 members who make high-impact grants to local organizations helping women and children. We welcome you to join this powerful group! Our goal in 2022 is to expand our impact by getting 2022 members. To become a member, make a one-time gift of $1,000 or monthly payments of $84. If you’re already a member, become a Wonder Woman with a recurring donation (any amount!), or by donating a new membership to honor a deserving woman in our community.
Other Funds